Building and Growing Together as a Community

We hope to build longer tables, and shorter fences.


The Joan Bowen crew has progressed from running socially
to taking part in competitive races both in Singapore
and overseas.

As there are many joggers in the Sennett Estate, we hope
that a running group within the estate can be formed.

Come have a chat with us in the café or click on the button below
if you would like to know the running group Joan is with, or if you
are looking for a special needs friendly coach who provides personal


We plan social activities for our special needs crew
as they do not network easily or they might have missed
out on festive activities around town due to their guardians’
busy work schedules.

At Joan Bowen we try to make their life experiences
wholesome and inclusive.

We are grateful for our customers who have included us in
their festive celebrations.


We instil into our Joan Bowen staff the
importance of thinking about others in society,
especially those in the Macpherson community.

As we have been blessed, we spread our blessings to others.